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About Us

Via Marine Corporation (VMC) and its sister companies Sun Marine Corporation (SMC) and Terban Marine Corporation (TMC) are involved mainly in the operation of tankers, barges and tug boats which transport refined petroleum products. VMC, organized on September 1985, was the first among the three corporations. TMC was incorporated in 1994 and SMC soon followed in 1995. The three sister companies cater to the marine transport requirements of major oil companies.

VMC started in 1978 as an operating unit of the now dormant Vifel Fishing with one tanker under 500 GRT. This humble beginning eventually transformed into a full blown corporation and the acquisition of more vessels.

For nearly thirty-two years, Via Marine’s partnership with the Philippines’ major oil companies has led it to implementing strict safety policies & procedures. VMC ensures the quality of its tankers by operating only vessels classed with IACS (International Association of Classification Societies). The company received its International Safety Management (ISM) in 1998.

Via Marine Corporation currently employ around 180 seaborne personnel and 40 land based staff. Its vessels are equipped with computerized cargo handling equipment, modern satellite and radio communications, and carry oil pollution prevention equipment. It is the company’s goal to have an entirely double hull fleet before end 2010. All these changes are in line with VMC’s vision of being the premier provider of marine transport services in the petroleum industry.